5 Lessons from an 80's Themed Celebration of Life

My good friend, Christina Andreola, owner and founder of New Narrative Memorials, shares the lessons she learned about the “uniqueness and personalization that can happen with a Celebration of Life” after planning and hosting an 80’s themed funeral in Vancouver, Canada. 

1. You can wait a few months to host a Celebration of Life event

2. Themed memorials can be a fantastic tribute to a loved one

3. It is perfectly acceptable to host a Celebration of Life at a kids’ Science Centre (or anywhere, really) 

4. Select your activities (guest book, speeches, etc) and set up the room for congregating

5. Kung Fu Fighting is the perfect song to play at a memorial “because nobody can be unhappy when they hear [it]”


About New Narrative Memorials and Christina: New Narrative is an event planning company that celebrates incredible life stories. They work with families to curate an exceptional send-off that creatively represents the most important narrative: a life lived to the fullest. www.newnarrative.ca