What an Independent Funeral Consultant IS NOT

I talk a lot about what I do as an Independent Funeral Consultant, but I think it’s important to lay out some key points about what I do NOT do in this professional role as another way of clarifying how these professional services can benefit a family:

  • I am not a Funeral Director; I don’t handle mortal remains or process death certificates or burial paperwork but I can help you find the service provider that offers what you’re looking for.

  • I don’t receive any fee, payment or kickback from the funeral homes, cremation providers, memorial parks, cemeteries, memorial jewelry artists, grief counselors, estate planners, casket makers, investment advisors or any of the other professionals you may choose to hire. This allows me to remain completely neutral and avoid any conflict of interest.

  • I don’t have an opinion on the your funeral plans you create — whether you prefer a traditional church ceremony, home funeral, green burial, scientific donation, alkaline hydrolysis, recomposition, ocean burial or cremation — I’m here to help you create a plan that’s right for YOU and what I think really doesn’t matter.

  • I can’t replace the work of an estate planner or draft legal documents, but the service I provide is a compliment to the work your existing advisors are doing and I’m happy to coordinate with them directly or together with you.

There are so many professional service providers available to families and individuals navigating the funeral, memorial or death transition process and my goal as an Independent Funeral Provider is not to replace, but to compliment those services. I help families understand their options, make arrangements and communicate the plan to loved ones.