You asked: "What is an Independent Funeral Consultant?"

What services does an independent funeral consultant provide?

As an independent funeral consultant, my services include:

  • Documentation of final wishes

  • Financial arrangements*

  • Obituary writing & placement

  • Service provider evaluation

  • Event planning & coordination

  • Burial plot purchase & resell

  • Correspondance management

  • Cost evaluation

  • Concierge level service

  • Customized, coordinated care

What does it mean to be Independent?

Simply put, being “independent” means I don’t work for, represent or take fees of any kind from any professional service provider. You can trust that any information or guidance you receive is completely neutral.

The information and recommendations you receive from me is completely neutral. I’m not affiliated with any service provider and never accept fees or payment from the funeral homes, funeral directors, memorial parks, cremation service providers or other professionals. I work for my clients, not the funeral service industry.

When we create your end of life transition plan, our goal is to provide your loved ones with clarity, guidance & encouragement in a what can be a disorienting, tumultuous time. Unlike the forms and templates you can find online, we'll consider your unique situation and create a tailored plan.What a gift. What a legacy.

Contact me today to discuss creating your end-of-life plan.

*I am a licensed Life Agent in the state of California (CDI# 0M31195, exp 04/20) and offer pre-need funeral plans through National Guardian Life.