Helpful resources I’ve found online.

I've been poking around the dusty ol' internet for the past year and am continually astounded by what is available -- we are so lucky to live in an age of free information, although it takes some work to find it.  From death positivity and natural burials to grief and loss work, there is so much happening in this space.  Here are a few of the best resources I’ve found so far:

dealing with grief and loss



Podcasts, videos, writing activities, other stuff:

supporting others through grief and loss



Gifts, videos and multimedia:

death awareness and education



Podcasts, videos, activities:

advanced planning & pre-need funeral arrangements

Advocacy Groups & Professional Service providers

Books, Manuals, information

home funerals

LGBTQ rights in death and dying


videos, articles

legal code

pets & loss

grieving the loss of a pet

preparing for a surviving pet

professional service providers

Note: The resources listed on this page have been created and provided by others.  I receive no compensation and hope that I've credited each source appropriately.  Please contact me ASAP if there is any error in attribution.